Apartment and Patio Decks Should Be Barbeque Free Zones

I truly think it is about time that outdoor cooking, especially barbeque cooking, be banned outright for those folks who live in either apartments or condominiums. This ban is especially important for people who barbeque almost daily and rush home to get the coals red hot or the propane tanks humming.

The smoke from the barbeques is just as deadly and just as toxic as car fumes. Many outdoor chefs fail to clean off their grills from the last time they have barbequed and the dried food fat that remains on the grill creates a thick blue smoke and nauseating aroma that is free to enter nearby apartments and pollutes the clean air inside.

Please do not get me wrong. I enjoy a well-prepared and planned barbeque. The aroma of meats and vegetables being grilled on a barbeque grill excites and stimulates the palates of many outdoor aficionados. But people with respiratory problems are constantly forced to close their windows until some master chef has totally carbonized a good piece of meat.

The outdoor barbeque cooking season seems to last from the May long weekend all the way through to Labor Day and for many hardier individuals a few months beyond that weather permitting. This is the time of year when men decide to exhibit their culinary prowess and take eagerly to cooking up a “tasty” barbeque treat.

The thought of cooking outside is exciting for the many throngs of folks who have invested a great deal of money purchasing a top-of-the line barbeque grill. These folks have also invested a great deal of personal time scouring the book stores to get the latest information on cooking outdoors.

Many are avid fans of the Food Channel and probably videotape programs that deal specifically with outdoor barbequing. A few of these same people email the cooking channels and suggest that a few programs be specifically dedicated to preparing an outdoor barbeque food fest.

It seems that these well intentioned television cooking clones spend a great deal of money purchasing barbeque units that have every conceivable cooking attachment to make the overall experience all the more memorable. The fact that the cooking unit itself is top notch does not guarantee that the chef preparing the food possesses any level of cooking expertise.

The size and the overall might of these high-end barbeque cooking units would be ideal for home owners with a backyard setting in which to place the unit free from a crowded and highly populated apartment setting.

Specially designated areas of beach property or cooking areas in the woods would also offer barbeque cooking wannabes the idyllic setting to create their culinary treats.

State or local municipal bylaws should be revised to either limit or ban barbequing altogether to those people who live in apartment or condo settings.

We all have the right to breathe clean, healthy air.

The Decor of Your Apartment and Home Or Office Entertainment Room

Your audio-visual equipment is one of your most expensive purchases and that equipment deserves to be cradled, protected, and presented with a piece of furniture that is equal to its worth and prestige.

The modern piece of furniture that has been introduced to the audio-visual equipment line of entertainment centers is the AV rack, short for audio-visual rack.

The entertainment center rack is designed for not only carrying and protecting your expensive audio-visual equipment, but also for presenting your equipment as a whole entertainment system and important piece of furniture supporting the design of your entertainment space.

Your entertainment center rack can be purchased to perfectly match your equipment look and style. From heavy metallic trim, to fine line rich stained wood or heavy lacquers, an av entertainment rack can be found to match any statement your trying to make in presenting your entertainment center.

Designing and putting together the d├ęcor of your apartment and home or office entertainment room can be made simple when matching an av entertainment rack to your equipment for the purpose of making that whole combination the focal point of the room. As an extension of that focal point, you can add tables, chairs, picture frames that all match the feel and sight of the AV rack and equipment.

The designs that are available are as vast as the designs of the equipment that is available to match.

Going online to view what’s available today is the most enjoyable way to view av racks and their many different colors and styles and functions.